Save the Biggest Group of Atheists / Agnostics Online!

MySpace Atheist / Agnostic Group Needs Your Help.

Dr Bryan Pesta : I had a profile with 3000+ friends, and was mod of the atheist and agnostic group on MySpace. It took 3 years of my time to build; had 35000 members and actually won an award from Harvard University (for us perhaps being the largest group of humanists in one place in the world).

Last week a hacker got my password; deleted all my profile friends and code; changed my group name to jesus is love; deleted all our good posts; banned lots of regular users (which is permanent on myspace groups). Then he start systematically deleting all group members.

At that point, given that I tried clearing chaches / changing passwords, etc., etc., I took the somewhat extreme act of deleting my profile. This stopped the hacker from having access to the group. I estimate he deleted 400 people before he was stopped. So, now the group is dead / private / without a moderator.

Most of the regulars are permanently banned. Most of our old large posts were deleted. My profile is gone. So are all my old blogs and friends and comments. Of course, myspace has replied with the “automatic” email help that does nothing to address the issue.

If anyone knows how to contact a real person at myspace, please help! I invested lots of time here and I think someone somewhere can help.

The Petition is here:

Please forward this on, to help support the group.

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