Phase One – Collect Underpants…

Cypriot Witch Jailed After Underpants Sorcery.

Oh man. At what point. Seriously. At what point do you realise…

A Cypriot woman was jailed for 20 days yesterday after being found guilty of practicing sorcery using a pair of underpants and raw eggs to break a “lethal curse”.

…. Apart from a cash down payment, the man was requested to bring a spoon, one egg, a plate, a urine sample and a pair of underpants. The woman then demanded 5000 pounds, saying the man would die in his sleep within 22 days if the spell, supposedly cast on him by his mother-in-law and estranged wife, were not lifted.

“It was then the plaintiff was rudely awakened and realised he was being made a fool of and filed a complaint to police,” the ruling said.

…I guess the point of ‘realisation’ is what I’m going to try to find out about next year. End of the school year for me. Beginning of a new year. I’ll be a student, doing my M.Ed, looking at paranormal beliefs in teenagers (or ‘Generation Y’). Wish me luck, or whatever we skeptics ‘believe’ in. I certainly believe that my knickers are better off without meringue in them…

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