Cuddle, er Cuttle Contest!

This just made me laugh out loud, so I’m posting it to encourage more interest – Digital Cuttlefish seems to be running a contest (I might see if I can help out with the ‘prize’ element, I’m certain I could find something cool to send over) for the best cuttlefish!

Now, there’s a lot of knitters who have been profiled on his blog but his competition includes the following offer to not only get recognition for being the most creative knitting sort, but also art in general – ‘drawn, stitched or quilted’ (quilted! Wouldn’t that be cool too!):

The ravellers who visit here

(Or any else—let’s make it clear):

I’m offering some sort of prize

(Just what it is, I can’t surmise)

But fame and glory, sure enough

For one who has the cuttle stuff

Just send your pics, your best and worst,

I’ll see to it you all get versed. 

What would make a good prize? I’m on holidays at the moment (heading into Fremantle later today to be interviewed for local radio) so I might see about heading out to the Aqua Museum and checking out the cuttle-paraphernalia they have on offer and seeing how I might help with a novelty item.

Fremantle is a port town with a famous market area and a few galleries and craft outlets, so I’m certain some sort of cuttlefishy-theme item could be found and posted out to a winner.

The last time I was at the museum I got to stroke a bright red cuttlefish that patiently dawdled near the edge of the ‘petting tank’ before zipping off with tentacles pointed, to harass a starfish. Very smooth skin, very cute and I loved his wavy frill that was just like the knitted one by knight net photo

 I did take photos, I’ll see about pulling together a photostream of some sort later to help inspire people.🙂

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