Okay, okay, I’m biased. I mean, I have Digital Cuttlefish as one of my prominent tags in my tag cloud. Difficult to hide that. Our discussion about Tree of Life (which he versifies upon here – ‘On Trees and Life and Fun’) helped inspire my recent post on cryptozoology and taxonomy; it’s one of those quirks.

But look, look, look!! I KNEW it! I just knew it!

Open Lab 2007 – the winning entries for you to see!

Like last year, the book will be published by, the on-demand online book publisher based here in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I will post occasional updates on the process of turning all these posts into a book, which should be published and up for sale just in time for the 2nd Science Blogging Conference. And now, here are the winners…drumroll please…

The Poem: Digital Cuttlefish – Much Ado About…The Brain?

And naturally, DC gets first mention in the recent Skeptics’ Circle too at WhiteCoat Underground. I’d say there was something fishy about it, but clearly talent shines through. :p

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