The Open Laboratory – Now Out!

Thanks to the blog-masterpoet Digital Cuttlefish for the alert (by the way, you MUST check out his latest poem ‘Keep an open mind!’)

There is a wonderful new book out, full of excellent writing on Academia, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Technology, Medicine & Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences… oh, yeah, and my little poem.

open lab

Anyway, the book is available here–be sure to click the “preview this book” link and see what all is in this collection! If I ever run into anybody who has bought one, I will (given sufficient notice) sign it with a poem for them–and just for them.

That’s one brilliant offer! The book contains fifty-three contributions, including Dr Phil “The Bad Astronomer” Plait, PZ Myers, Steve Novella and Jennifer Ouellette.

Do remember to check out the rest of his site – which more often than not responds poetically to news, issues and some of the best blogging contributions out there – and GET THIS BOOK!

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