Homeopathy Week: Defying Science For 250 Years

Due credit to Steve R. for the title – guess what’s being advertised in Australian cinemas?

A scrolling Star-Wars style banner, with “Two hundred and fifty years ago a man became disillusioned with medicine and (…blah…blah…) now the second largest medical industry, etc…”

Bit of a Google – produces this undiluted bucket of bilge:

World Homœopathy Awareness Week 2008 29th April – 6th May 2008 : Theme – Homœopathy in Sports – NATIONAL CAMPAIGN

Yep, that was a ‘classy 30 second cinema advert… set to a catchy African beat!’ Maybe they think that African nations are deserving to be linked to claims that have so far shown that they are as effective as swallowing goldfish poo. Catchy indeed.

But wait! There’s more!

…This year an 8 page A4-sized insert about homoeopathy will be featured in the Well Being magazine – April/May (No 114) edition… The feature is a very good source of information about homoeopathy.

As good as this source of information? Or this source? How about this source? Or Dr. Kimball Atwood’s outline on the lack of scientific support for homeopathy in “Homeopathy and Evidence-Based Medicine: Back to the Future” (Part I, II, III, IV, V)?

Hold onto your dilutions… guess what their other tactics involve?

… Casperson’s Homoeopathic Books are providing libraries with a flyer about homoeopathy, details of WHAW 2008, and some recommended titles. The aim of the initiative is to increase awareness about homoeopathy and the potential for more homoeopathic books to be made available to the public through libraries.

or even

1st Aid Poster …. Homoeopathic First Aid Course – (Hom Fact Pack) Teaching Package on disc.

and… uh?

Arnica Montana 1st Aid Kit and CDRom. Designed by Catherine Diamantopoulo, in conjunction with the College of Homeopathy, Helios Pharmacy and the Red Cross. [emphasis mine] …. presentation tips… promotion advice… It is ideal for local promotions directed at Homoeopathy in Sports… Distribute to your local gym; to team sports; at sports injury clinics…

The only thing I can say that is in ANY way positive about this production – is have a look at what they’re doing. See how they are approaching health claims from many different angles are using quite a range of resources?

There’s a lesson there in regards to what we’re up against and what strategies are available, to be frank. I’d suggest keeping an eye out as to what other efforts are being made during ‘world homeopathic awareness week’ and seeing what can be done about it.

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