Little Kitten – SquidPunk!

Many thanks to ‘Biology in Science‘, a wonderfully with-it blog that I only just discovered – and you should already be checking out! Yes, PZ Myers heard of its inception back in 2007… but only now is SQUIDPUNK live and squishy!

Fiction that unlike New Weird, Steampunk, or Slipstream, is at its core not only about squid, but about the symbolism of squid as color-changing, highly-mobile, alien-looking, intelligent ocean-goers. As a powerful ecosystem indicator, the squid is a potent symbol for environmental rejuvenation. Squidpunk is almost exclusively set at sea and must contain some reference to either cephalopods or to anything that thematically relates to squid, in terms of world iconography and tropes. Squidpunk is never escapist or whimsical. It is always serious and edgy. This combination of a hard punk aesthetic with the fluid propulsion system common to the squid has produced a unique literary hybrid beloved by Mundanes and Surrealists alike.

And from Ann & Jeff Vandermeer’s new anthology featured here – whoo hoo YouTube!

And thanks to Digital Cuttlefish for chatting to me today – this one’s for you too. Don’t forget – Encephalon #43 out at Brain Blogger!

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