Karen And Teller – Talking!

No, didn’t get both of them talking to each other – but there’s two links you should be checking out!

First – Dr Karen ‘Skepbitch’ Stollznow is going to be on the APSR Paranormal Talk Radio Show! Apparently she’s “the skeptic” on Monday’s Into the Light show. Keep an eye out and check it out!

Secondly, thanks to the usual crowd on Facebook who pass vids around like a packet of peanuts, you might have heard that Richard Wiseman beat Richard Saunders’ mass spoon bending record at TAM6? And that Teller introduced the event? Well, I was sad that Saunders wasn’t the one to lead the ‘how to’, but there’s a kind of wobbly video of Teller, uh, telling how it’s done!

And here you go!

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